Danielle Degelman

I Need Books!

Posted on: January 29, 2011

For a final project, I need to use 40 children’s books (no novels!) to develop a thematic unit. The theme of my unit is friendship/bullying. I have already been to the library a few times and have picked out 15 books that might help me. I need books from the following genres:

  • poetry
  • traditional literature
  • modern fantasy
  • realistic fiction
  • historical fiction/biography
  • informational books
  • diverse/multicultural literature

The books that I have picked so far are mostly from the modern fantasy and realistic fiction genres.

Please list any books that you think would help me with my unit (and include the genre). If they are award-winning, then that is a bonus…


3 Responses to "I Need Books!"

Try Jack Prelutsky for lots of poetry books – and funny.

Hey Danielle,

I got a book called The Tale of Sir Dragon this summer. It is even written by a Saskatchewan author. If you actually need the book I can give it to you but I might use it sometime this semester.

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