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Posted on: March 7, 2011

Hey everyone!

I absolutely love music and think that children and teens can seek true inspiration through a song. This is why I am posting a “Music” page to my blog. This page is going to list popular music that might be of good influence for students in both the elementary and high school settings. Please share some songs that you think would benefit these learners and explain why you chose them. Some songs that I have already included are:

  • “Born This Way”–Lady Gaga (everyone is perfect in their own way)
  • “Brothers”–Dean Brody (about brotherly love)
  • “Something To Be Proud Of”–Montgomery Gentry (be proud of all the accomplishments in your life)
  • “Just The Way You Are”–Bruno Mars (you are beautiful)
  • “The Climb”–Miley Cyrus (persevere to fulfill your dreams)

Thanks so much!

PS: After I have discussed a variety of songs, I will post a playlist to the “Music” page so you can listen and enjoy (hosted by www.playlist.com). Your ideas will really help! 🙂


8 Responses to "Music Page"

“Firework” – Katy Perry
“Beautiful” – Christina Aguilara (sp?)

Every time I hear “Born This Way”, I am in awe at the wonderful messages behind it. I am displeased, however, at the constant mentions of God, (or capital Him), and “God makes no mistakes”, but this song will make millions of teens feel that they are where they should be in their lives, because they are who they are, and they were born that way, and they should be happy about it. We all get one chance on this earth, so if some teens are brought out of (or kept out of) depression due to the lyrics, as a secular humanist, this would make me very pleased.

Though we should be very clear; God had absolutely no part in it, it was just an uncerimoneous combination of genetic material from their parents, same as when hippos, meerkats, monkeys, or deer mate.

We Are The World – the new version with Justin Bieber. #inspiring

Pink – Perfect.
It describes perfectly how I feel about all of my friends & what I want them to/think they should know 🙂

even though some may argue it’s merits as music…
Animal – Ke$ha (be who you are and love life)

My elementary-aged kids love We Are The Champions by Queen. Getting into the lyrics, it’s all about putting in hard work, no matter the obstacles put in your way, and you’ll be successful. In light of these recommendations, this type of encouragement may be especially useful for girls to help internalize their locus of control.

Please check out my blog. One of my grade 8 students sent me link for the Nickleback video “If Everyone Cared”. It is a great video as it documents individuals who have made a difference to change their world. Check out my current blog on music with a social conscience.


Thanks everybody! These are all great ideas and I will be adding them to my page. Anyone is welcome to post more!

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