Danielle Degelman

Major Project Update

Posted on: March 17, 2011

For my major project, I am with Brittney Blakley and Vanessa Hipkins. It took us quite awhile to decide on a topic for our project, and how we were going to present it. We talked about everything from creating a Dove-like beauty commercial, interviewing students from internship about self-image, creating a funny make-up commercial, or developing two commercials to compare and contrast perceptions of beauty.

It is pretty obvious that we want to make a commercial.  However, NOW, we’re doing it on fast food and soft drinks and how they cause obesity and acne. In particular, we are creating a humorous series of commercials that communicate the truths about unhealthy foods and drinks, in addition to our invented BVD weight loss program and Proacteev skin care system. During the commercials, we are going to provide our audience with “Facts” or “Did You Knows?” to communicate valid information on the four topics above.

We have finally finished all the filming that needs to be included in our final project. Now, we need to order all of our clips and edit them while we still have class time. At the same time, we need to decide on how to make our commercials “stand out” from the rest. Do we want to slow things down or speed things up? Do we want to add in clips from other commercials or YouTube videos? Do we want to incorporate an echoing effect? These are decisions we will make in class today.


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