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*NEW* Major Project Update

Posted on: March 19, 2011

Since we used a digital camera to do all the filming for our major project, it was difficult to download our videos on a Mac (and it took a REALLY long time!). So, we need to start over with the filming again…

We will film on Tuesday by using the cameras that Alec has stored at the university. And this time, they will work! Yes! Since we have to start over, we are wondering if we should come up with a completely new idea or repeat the same idea as before. Personally, I think we should do something a little different, since we seemed to have too many short clips last time. Here are some ideas that I have:

  1. Film a short video on fast food. We can drive to different fast food locations (about 8-12 restaurants) and pretend to order through the drive-thru. Our film can be similar to Super Size Me, in which one (or all) of us gets bigger and bigger because of the fatty, oily foods. The conclusion may be a change in eating habits and/or weight loss program.
  2. Film a weight loss program targeted towards university students.  One of us can be the trainer while the others do difficult workout routines. This can involve a treadmill, jogging outside, biking, rollerblading, stretches, weights, and/or DDR. At the same time, we can provide our audience with better workout options for stressed individuals like us!
  3. Film a reality show (like the Amazing Race). One of us can be the game show host while the other two compete to get to the finish line (Mac computer lab at the U of R). We can base our film off The Tortoise and The Hare! After the host introduces the race, two of us will travel throughout the city and face obstacles along the way. Like the book, “the fast one” will fall asleep and “the slow one” will win the race.
  4. As a group, we can create a story for elementary school children. It can be about three friends (us) and the many decisions that they make. The audience (by a “click” of the mouse) will choose the correct decision based on “what is the ‘right’ thing to do”. The story will continue based on the audience’s decisions. Of course, we will need to film multiple scenarios since the story can go many different ways (for better or for worse)!

6 Responses to "*NEW* Major Project Update"

DANIELLE! Awesome.. just awesome.

After filming 7 hrs to find out its not going to work out sucks.. but that is the joy of teaching right! Working on the fly! I think your ideas are well thought out.. i like them better than our original idea haha why didn’t we come up with those earlier.

I am leaning towards #2/ #4… although #3 is fun, it may be hard to create such scenerios in Regina. I texted you! Good work, good thinking! 🙂

For sure! I am thinking either #2 or #3…of course I wouldn’t mind any since I posted them myself 🙂 I must say, I like my #4 idea but I know it will take longer because of the multiple scenarios the story can take (we would definitely need to write down our ideas pronto!).

Thanks for posting! Let me know if you come up with anything else!

Sorry to hear it went downhill afterwards. I didn’t know until now. Obviously you must have had more issues after I left.

These are all good ideas – pick the one that best interests the group.

Thanks Alec. We viewed the clips after you had left and they were still quite choppy. We are going to start over Tuesday.

Option #1 or # 2.
Great Ideas.
Hopefully this time it will work.
Good luck!

Thank you! We’re filming today so hopefully all goes well.

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