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Responsibility & Technology?

Posted on: March 29, 2011

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Responsibility drives our homes, schools, institutions, communities, societies, and the world itself.  It is important that students learn to make responsible decisions that benefit themselves and allow them to be dependable for others’ sake.  As a teacher, I would like my students to become independent of their own thoughts, feelings, and actions.  However, the process is not a simple one.  Of course, responsibility is becoming increasingly important and relevant as the world develops scientifically and technologically.  As children grow and develop into critical thinkers, they will learn to take on the responsibilities that benefit the larger community.  It is proven that the number and complexity of responsibilities grows as children mature into more trusted and academically-advanced individuals.

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From a young age, students can learn to take on certain tasks at home, school, and play.  These tasks can range from walking the dog, sweeping the floor, erasing the chalkboards, and sharing toys and belongings with others.  However, children also need to learn how to become independent and reliable thinkers, active classroom participants, and responsible learners for their own success.  Students need positive role models and scaffolding to explore areas of strength and struggle, understand their personal values and goals, and apply learning to everyday practice and life skills.  Students’ learning can then be extended to their outer worlds and realities, as they come to better understand themselves and the social context in which they live.  When students identify personal skills and accomplishments, they learn how they can use these talents to meet the demands of their present and future communities.

So, what do you think when I add “technology” into all of this? Does technology help students become more responsible individuals and citizens? Can it help them finish important tasks at home or school? Can it assist in their learning and academic development? Can it help them identify personal strengths and talents so they take an active part in the community? Or is it doing just the opposite? Are students becoming too dependent on technology? Please share your personal opinion and why. Thanks!


2 Responses to "Responsibility & Technology?"

I think technology definitely has a role in developing responsibility. Students need to learn how to use technology in a respectful and appropriate manner. As teachers it is our job to teach students about responsible use. Students need know what they can and cannot post on the internet. They must learn to relate morals to the digital world as well as the physical world. Technology can help students learn about the curriculum and about themselves!

Thanks for your comments – and responsible use might even become more important as technology advances in the future!

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