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Tech Task #10–My Digital Footprint

Posted on: April 1, 2011

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As I end the last couple weeks of the semester, I start to think about my own digital identity and footprint. Now that I am about to start my career in the teaching profession, I am continuing to be very conscious of any materials that I post online. If  employers were to Google search, “Danielle Degelman”, what would they see? What would parents see? How about my students? Everything that I do online is “out there” for the world to see, whether it be positive or negative. So beware! I guess this is why I deleted my Facebook account permanently. Why would I want pictures, status updates, and wall posts to ruin my reputation of becoming a teacher? Why would I want to take this chance? The digital footprint I leave on the web says a lot about who I am,  where I am going, and who I plan to become in the end. When I had Facebook, it didn’t tell the world that I am a well-rounded and creative person, a dedicated student teacher and lifelong learner, or an individual who loves children. So, Facebook went “bye-bye”.

Many employers are starting to follow in the digital footprints of their  applicants–and this number is increasing drastically as technology becomes more advanced. Here, learn about how you can change your digital footprint so an employer is encouraged to hire you!

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Now, this blog is a different story. My posts and pages remain strictly professional and positive. They outline specific ideas, thoughts, and questions that help me grow as a lifelong learner and educator. And when potential employers Google search, “Danielle Degelman”, they are going to see MANY of my experiences and areas of personal and professional growth. THIS is the kind of information that I want to be “out there” in the digital world–a positive and collaborative space that helps me grow as an educator and lifelong learner. When (and if) I get a job, don’t think that this blog is going to go “bye-bye” as well. When I gain new and improved experiences as a future teacher, I would like to share my development and stories with others. I would like my digital footprint to grow as I experience growth of my own. I would like to learn about the many technological tools and advancements that will help my students grow as well. This is the digital footprint that I would like others to follow.

So, go ahead…Google search your name. What has your digital footprint left behind? Is there anything you wouldn’t want others to see?

***Would YOU hire yourself?***


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