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Ever since I was born, I have learned to love music. I used to sing around the house in my diapers and started playing piano at the age of four. When I was in high school, I sang in the choir and was a piano accompanist from grades 9-12. At the end of high school, I obtained my Grade 8 Piano with Honors and Grade 2 Examination in Rudiments with First Class Honors (through The Royal Conservatory of Music).

I also believe that children and teens can seek true inspiration through a song. This page lists popular music that may be of good influence for students in elementary and high school settings. They are listed in alphabetical order according to artist:

*My playlist is at the bottom of this page. Simply click on a song to listen to it. ENJOY!*

  1. “Keep Holding On”–Avril Lavigne You can get through anything as long as you believe you can. Others are going trough the same thing as you. You can make it.
  2. “Stronger”–Britney Spears You are growing stronger every single day. Don’t give up and hold your head up high. Go through life with confidence!
  3. “Just The Way You Are”–Bruno Mars You are beautiful inside and out. Never change a thing about yourself. You are absolutely perfect!
  4. “A New Day Has Come”–Celine Dion Even through the worst of times, embrace the beginning of a new day. An angel is watching over you.
  5. “The Voice Within”–Christina Aguilera Follow your instincts and do what you think is right. Listen to those positive thoughts that live inside of you.
  6. “Tubthumping”–Chumbawamba When you make a mistake, learn from it. When you make a wrong decision, learn to make the right one. Anything negative can be turned into something positive.
  7. “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”–Cindy Lauper This sounds familiar! Sometimes, we just need some time for ourselves. Boys need to have fun too!
  8. “Brothers”–Dean Brody Your brother would do anything for you. He would even give his life for you and fight for your freedom. Hey, it’s just what brothers are for.
  9. “Hold On”–Good Charlotte Don’t give up. I know life is tough but you’ll get through it. Whether you’re going through a death in the family or staying up many late nights, things will eventually get better.
  10. “Perfect”–Hedley No one is perfect, and no one should expect you to be. In a relationship, a true partner will accept you for who you are…flaws and all.
  11. “Don’t Give Up (You Are Loved)”–Josh Groban The world is not a perfect place. In fact, it can put a lot of weight on your shoulders. To make you feel better, think of that one person who loves you so much. Now, don’t you feel better?
  12. “Firework”–Katy Perry No matter how useless you feel, just remember that you are original. Find out what makes you stand out from the rest, and shine like you never have before.
  13. “Breakaway”–Kelly Clarkson You need to move on to better things. This can mean leaving your hometown after high school and going on to university. Do the things you’ve always wanted and think “BIG!” Do what is right for you.
  14. “Boys of Fall”–Kenny Chesney Playing on the school football team can mean a lot for some boys. If you play a sport, think about what is best for your team.
  15. “Dancing with Tears in my Eyes”–Ke$ha When you break-up with someone, it is going to hurt. Whether it was something you had done (or your partner had done), you would do anything to change the past. Don’t be too hard on yourself and seek help from people you love.
  16. “Born This Way”–Lady Gaga Never be ashamed of who you are. You are beautiful and amazing and nobody is like you. This is just the way God made you. Embrace yourself!
  17. “I Hope you Dance”–Lee Ann Womack Somebody loves you and only wants the best from you. Take advantage of opportunities that make you happy.
  18. “Shadow of the Day”–Linkin Park Sometimes, it is easier to stop trying than to push yourself forward. Life isn’t easy. However, the sun will set and tomorrow will be a new day.
  19. “Beat It”–Michael Jackson When your own body is at stake, RUN! Even though you want to show everyone how strong you can be, you may be risking your life.
  20. “The Climb”–Miley Cyrus If you think you can reach your goals, you will. Never listen to that little voice saying you can’t. Be confident about your dreams and always persevere. You will make it.
  21. “Something To Be Proud Of”–Montgomery Gentry Go through life the way you planned. You are going to achieve so much and your parents will be so proud of your accomplishments.
  22. “Afraid”–Nelly Furtado Someday, you will want to speak up. But at the same time, you are going to wonder what others think of you. Trust yourself so you can show others what you had all along!
  23. “If Everyone Cared”–Nickelback If everyone tried to make this world a better place, it probably would be. You can start off by showing love, sharing, and being truthful.
  24. “We Are the Champions”–Queen You won it all! Go out and celebrate! You deserve it!
  25. “Bless the Broken Road”–Rascal Flatts Just when you think you will never find true love, someone so amazing will show up and change your life forever. It might even happen when you least expect it.
  26. “I’m Just a Kid”–Simple Plan You may be “just” a kid, but you mean a lot to your friends and family. You’re not going to be a kid forever, you know!
  27. “Baby Girl”–Sugarland One day, you are going to get out in the world and share your talents with others. Just stay focused and keep in contact with family.
  28. “You Belong with Me”–Taylor Swift Ohhh, young love. You may be aware of boyfriend-girlfriend relationships around you (and you might even get a little jealous sometimes). Love will come around if you continue to be yourself. However, it takes time.
  29. “Where is the Love?”–The Black Eyed Peas There is so much wrong with the world today. It is not a perfect place, so think about what you can do to make it better.
  30. “Wavin’ Flag”–Young Artists for Haiti Together, we can make a difference in the world. With others, you can give great strength to a nation in crisis.

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2 Responses to "Music"

Good idea, I enjoy this page!

Thanks, and I still have about 15 more to post! I’m also going to post a playlist to this page so you can listen to the songs!

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