Danielle Degelman


My internship was such a fulfilling experience in my development as an elementary teacher. I taught thirty-two grade four students at St. Theresa School with my cooperating teacher, Charlene Rudderham. My faculty advisor, Joy Woodard, visited the classroom regularly so she could watch my teaching and management in action.

Grade 4 Picasso Art

As an intern, I taught all subject areas (except French and Science) to students with various needs and abilities. I made appropriate adaptations so that all students could reach success in the lessons being taught. Brain-based learning, resource-based learning, experiential learning, and cooperative learning were incorporated into unit plans, so that students could meet and exceed curricular outcomes. I also used a variety of assessment strategies to record students’ understanding and progress. I handled classroom management effectively and worked very hard to develop positive relationships with my students. Moreover, I listened to any suggestions that were presented by my cooperating teacher and faculty advisor, and was very keen on making even the smallest improvements to a unit plan, lesson, or activity.

Accompanying Students on the Piano

During my internship, I got heavily involved with the school community. First, I was a lunchroom supervisor for my grade four classroom and the grade two/three split classroom across the hall. Second, I coordinated a recess intramural program with another staff member, which required me to supervize and plan activities for students in grades one to four. Third, I volunteered to accompany grades four and five students on the piano for our Thanksgiving Liturgy in the gymansium. Fourth, I conducted student-led conferences with my cooperating teacher to discuss students’ strengths and areas needing improvement. Fifth, I performed outdoor supervision duties on the playground during and after my three-week block.

As you can see, I was a very busy intern and I learned so much from these valuable experiences. Even though my students gained knowledge from my teaching, I can definitely say that I learned even MORE from them. My internship has helped me grow into a more insightful and reliable individual and professional. Thank you St. Theresa for this rewarding experience…I will never forget any of you!


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